Right from the start, shnit has dedicated itself to celebrating and sharing the exciting world of short film. shnit embraces diversity, originality and exchange between creators and an audience from different cultures and backgrounds. It is one of our main goals to actively increase the perception of short filmmaking by creating a multi-platform event for high quality short films. The festival feels blessed with an enthusiastic and supportive audience around the world, which continues to grow each year.

Along with the international competition and the national competitions, the festival curates programs presenting around 120 short films of all genres, out of competition. shnit has made its mark for its bold selections, its sly, edgier take on the world and its perpetually raised eyebrow. A collection of masterpieces with charm and wit – but perhaps most importantly, with a raw humanity. 

In addition, the fringe program [EVENT CIRCUS | TALENT FOCUS | SCHOOL EXPLORE] takes filmmakers, professionals and visitors into a playground beyond the silver screen: masterclasses and panels as well as interactive events and concerts. shnit offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers and industry representatives to connect, converse and conduct business beyond geographical borders. Filmmakers explore their craft, meet professionals and gain valuable insight into the world of short films.