SHNIT SHORTS | 2019 is the new form of shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival which is playing out over 11 days and an unlimited number of screens all around the world, in a multitude of cultures and languages. Fully a part of the shnit festival, with voting for the audience award, SHNIT SHORTS is the furthest reaching aspect of shnit. After as well as before the festival shnit presents a select line up of the most captivating, entertaining and moving short films of the last year, each year: SHNIT SHORTS | BEST OF (during the first six months of the year).
SHNIT SHORTS takes place in select exquisite venues, from movie theatres to outdoor amphitheaters and even within the comfort of private home screening rooms, in a growing number of cities all across the globe. It gives short film fans an opportunity to watch a selection of outstanding films from the international competition outside of our seven shnit PLAYGROUNDS host cities.

BEST OF LIVE ACTION | 6 films | 86 min

by Greg Rom, 7 min, South Africa
An anxious and penniless woman discovers a bizarre way to get herself out of financial trouble. However, the solution that leads her to success soon becomes her dark burden.

by Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas, 15 min, Canada
Panicked at the idea of losing his position, incumbent mayor Joseph L’Heureux refuses to accept the result of his hometown’s municipal election.

by Julien & Simon Dara, 9 min, France
A young man has overcome his battle against a
dragon. While the beast goes out in agony, he dances to celebrate his victory.

by Luke Taylor & Chris BarreW, 8 min, United Kingdom
A bizarre incident as a young boy left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement that has plagued him all his life. Isolated and vulnerable, Aaron seeks comfort in the friendship and understanding of an unexpected group of outcasts.

by Kaveh Mazaheri, 20 min, Iran
Maryam’s husband has an accident at home and, rather than saving him, she stops helping and watches him die.

by Andrei Huțuleac, 25 min, Romania
A famous Romanian actor is kidnapped by the obsessed mother of a young man.

BEST OF ANIMATION | 8 films | 89 min

by Paloma Baeza, 11 min, United Kingdom
In a harsh Arctic landscape, a hungry and solitary polar bear has to decide if a naïve Canadian grizzly bear is her food or her friend.

by F. Brauch, M. Pujol, K. Tailhades, Y. Thireau, R. Thirion, 6 min, France
When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change…

by Anna Mantzaris, 2 min, United Kingdom
The stressed inhabitants of a city have enough and start acting on their dark impulses.

by Steffen Bang Lindholm, 6 min, Denmark
A freelance reporter ventures into a post-zombie resettlement camp and interviews two ex-zombies trying to find out whether ex-zombies are ready for reinsertion into normal society.

by Peter Peake, 15 min, United Kingdom
Take Rabbit is a humorous take on an age-old conundrum – a man attempts to transport some unlikely passengers across a river in his tiny boat but soon realises he’s taken on more than he bargained for.

by Britt Raes, 12 min, France | Belgium
A tragic comedy of a sweet little girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.

by Moritz Biene, 7 min, Germany
A fishmonger, hard on his luck, decides to change his fate and win over his beloved by becoming the best pastry chef the world has ever seen.

by Nicolas Keppens & Matthias Phlips, 19 min, Belgium
Going on a safari is a dream for many. For middle-aged couple Linda and Troyer, it turns into a horribly real adventure when they get left behind in the wilderness.

BEST OF DOCUMENTARY | 5 films | 84 min

AMERYKANSKI SEN (AMERICAN DREAM) by Marek Skrzecz, 26 min, Poland
Głucholazy – a small town, which was full of life in the nineties, dies out nowadays. The flood has destroyed local spas and factories. There is high unemployment and lots of citizens left their town. In this place of no opportunities, teenage Szymon decides to achieve his biggest dream. He wants to become an American wrestler.

SUB TERRAE by Nayra Sanz Fuentes, 7 min, Spain
Shadows are not always under the earth.

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION by Ivete Lucas & Patrick Bresnan, 10 min, United States
After a very famous airplane arrives at Palm Beach International Airport, an otherwise ordinary stretch of Florida highway attracts an avid cluster of excited onlookers and selfie-takers. In the ensuing spectacle, these curious Americans reveal the qualities they may share with the plane’s hugely notable passenger.

NIÑA JOSE by Camila Brugés, 18 min, Colombia
A transgender woman displaced from Cartagena by illegal groups due to her gender identity, returns 15 years later to see her father, who has never seen her as a woman. To come back to her neighbourhood, to her mother’s house, to the street where she grew up, brings forth a space to reflect on how love, denial and prejudice coexist; and although her mother and sister respect her, they don’t know that Francesca, whom they call Jose because they can’t conceive otherwise, has been a sex worker for 20 years because it’s almost impossible for her to get a regular job in Colombia being transgender.

ICI, PERSONNE NE MEURT (NOBODY DIES HERE) by Simon Panay, 23 min, France
Perma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realised there was nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others died in the process. And a few of them say that here, nobody dies.


The organisation is built on principles of excellence and professionalism, rendering the global expansion of the festival possible. As such, shnit delivers the highest quality program of new and established international short films.

The SHNIT SHORTS program is centrally coordinated in collaboration with our partners on the ground in every host venue. The program is fully supplied as one digital HD screening file or DCP where required. Films are screened in their original languages with ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, FRENCH, ARABIC or CHINESE subtitles.

Of course, we provide the basics for your PR and marketing. This includes poster and flyer templates, film stills and synopses of the films, press kit, trailers for the online area and for your playback location, logos as well as the integration as SHNIT SHORTS partner on the website.